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Meet Travel Advisor Hadiel Erskine

My passion for travel and new cultures has been fostered since the beginning of my life. From my native Egypt, I had traveled to Dubai, Ireland, and Paris before the age of five. While I can’t quite personally recall the taste of crepes sampled as a toddler, I wonder sometimes if this early stage travel resulted in some kind of airplane conditioning, better adapting me on some micro level to tolerate increased cabin pressure and long-haul elevated stillness. 

The traveling continued as I grew up around the world, living on five continents by high school graduation. A trip that had a particularly strong influence on me was at age 15, when my dad and I embarked on a European road trip. We traveled to over 11 cities in 14 days. The whirlwind of cultural variances, diverse cuisines, unique art and architecture sparked a passion that I continue to cultivate today in my own travels.

To me, travel is a means towards external and internal discovery – learning more about this phenomenal planet we call home, while also teaching us about ourselves as individuals. Introspection and personal growth are just a few of the many rewards derived from exploring the world. I want to share those rewards with others by gaining a detailed understanding the specific needs of my clients and helping them create memorable, well-informed itineraries that allow them to enjoy every moment of their experience.

As an Egyptian, I specialize in travel to Egypt, and I’m also quite familiar with Morocco. Since I’ve lived all over and travel frequently throughout my life, I’m well versed in travel all around Western Europe, parts of Central and South America, Ireland, and the UK. My approach to destinations is often inspired by art and history – my next love after travel is reading and consuming everything I can about history and art of different regions and civilizations. I love to curate travel escapes that incorporate cultural immersion and education, with experiences of the most talked about local restaurants and bars. My fascination with how cities in their current state have been shaped by their historical past drives me to read and learn abut my destination and notable cultural information. I enjoy discovering features unique to a city or region so I can pursue activities there that can’t be replicated elsewhere. I believe that the first step in a new adventure is learning to say the most important words “Hello!” “Please!” and “Thank you!”. Those are the magic words in any culture, and learning them in the local language puts any traveller at an immediate advantage towards having the best experience possible. I love to provide my clients mini-familiarization brochures that I personally curate with this kind of information.

I consistently blend my fascination with history and my love of fashion when curating iternieraries for my adventures. Whilst prioritizing sites of historical and cultural significance, I also manage to make time to visit local shops that sell unique wares, while also exploring high end designers available in my destination. In the increasingly technologically connected world, more luxury brands can be shopped online than ever before. While that accessibility is exciting, it also means that designer finds that are exclusive to their city of origin are even more precious and thrilling to bring back from travels. I conduct ample research to learn about highlights of the local fashion scene and curate itineraries that include visits to the most exclusive boutiques and brands for clients that share my love for shopping and fashion. Whether a city is known for a famous parfumerie, shoe brand, bespoke caftans, or a particular method for jewelry making, I seek out their most exclusive purveyors and artisans. Heavily influenced by the fashionable scene in London as a high schooler, I constantly pursue elements of the cosmopolitan lifestyle I enjoyed there. My experiences and lovely network of fellow globetrotters makes me an excellent source for the hottest restaurants, bars, and shopping in many cosmopolitan cities around the globe. 

So, where would you like to go on your next adventure? I’m ready to help make it happen authentically, and in style.

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